One of Battle Hymn's residents, The Carry Nation is a NYC based production team comprised of Nita Aviance and DJ Will Automagic. Both noted producers and DJs on their own, their collaboration brings to life a unique and singularly exciting modern sound that is both rooted in New York house history and reflective of the new burgeoning underground. Together, Nita and Will as The Carry Nation create a production and DJ sound that is singularly exciting and forward thinking.


Identical twin sister duo Jacquelyn & Kathryn Smith (aka Jacky Sommer & DatKat) got started in the arts at a very early age. At a young age Jacquelyn discovered her talent as a dancer while DatKat pursued the fine arts through painting and drawing. Music however, would prove to be the destined path for both of them when they acquired decks, began their record collections, and the rest, as they say, is history.

An acceptance to the famed Alvin Ailey School would see Jacquelyn off to New York and within a year, after shopping weekly at the legendary DanceTracks record store working amongst and even playing alongside some dance music luminaries such as Theo Parrish, Kenny Larkin, King Britt and Gilles Peterson. DatKat moved to NYC a year later and began quietly honing her skills. In 2004 the girls secured a weekly radio spot at the famed East Village Radio and the Analog Soul show was born. The long-running show explored what they deemed "the deeper, darker side of techno and house"--but it also explored the full spectrum of electronic music. 

The show might have ended but the twins would continue to play regularly in NY & internationally & In a short period of time they've made a name for themselves as tastemakers in the underground dance music scene.